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Experiences - Concierge Services in Crete

Your time is precious while on holiday in Crete. You are facing the dilemma: so much to do in so little time. We are here to give you what you need – priceless experiences worth living! Social media may confuse you and might waste your holiday time. Trust “Traveling in Crete” for customized suggestions based on your personal interests and needs.

We Love to share our Travel Experience and transmit our enthusiasm about Crete! Let us help you discover the most worthy experiences in the area of Chania and Crete, for holidays to remember!

Personalized cooking services


If you are planning to visit Crete, you definitely belong to those who have heard of the Cretan hospitality that remains alive even today.

The deliciousness and abundance of Cretan cuisine, which for many is the secret of longevity, with extra virgin olive oil as a key ingredient and local dishes with main ingredients taken from Cretan land are always accompanied by good Cretan wine and why not? With the most famous Cretan beer!

If you are interested in getting to know the Cretan food culture during your most special holidays on the island of Crete, to feel like the locals while preparing the family meal at home with the warmth of family coziness prevailing, then it is essential to contact us to organize together the most exciting dining experience you have ever experienced.

Your options vary according to your wishes and we also have new ideas for you such as Cilty Food Tours, cooking workshops in popular local food businesses and other related experiences that all aim to offer an unforgettable culinary journey of the Cretan Diet.

Personalized Experiences


Crete can be an excellent destination fascinating, as long as you have the right partner to guide you.

What’s the secret ingredient behind every tailor-made experience? Every destination needs a guide specialized on the new, the old, the different, the must-sees and the out-of-this-world.

Whether you are looking for sea tours or land tours our partners have the deepest knowledge to share their experiences that are beyond the unusual and obvious.
We cooperate with local guides and experts, with the need to transmit the well-known Cretan culture and having all the knowledge of the best beaches to visit, the famous and less famous gorges to walk down, the deepest spots in the sea to dive, the greater adventures by driving a jeep and of course the most magical cruises to Balos lagoon.

We aim at visitors who want to travel beyond the usual, see the sights and discover the true soul of Crete.

Fill in the form with your interests and we will be back to you with the right partner for your unfogetable holidays in Crete.

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